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Three of Nine Lake County Jail Inmates Exposed to a Released Inmate Who Later Tested Positive Have Also Tested Positive

On Saturday, April 25, 2020, the Lake County jail’s medical provider conducted COVID-19 tests for the nine inmates who were housed in the housing unit known as 6T with a previously released inmate who tested […]

Teresa Guzman, Lake County burglary suspect

Lake County Jail Inmate Charged with False Report to Police After Claiming Sexual Assault by Corrections Officer, Cleared by Surveillance Video

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports that on Thursday June 21, 2018, a Corrections Officer received a telephone call from a family member of Teresa M. Guzman, 36, of the block of 3300 Judy Lane, […]

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Crimes Notebook

Deerfield Murder Defendant Daniel Baker, Accused of Beating Girlfriend’s Mother to Death, TASERED IN JAIL After Altercation

Murder defendant Daniel Baker was tasered in Lake County Jail after an altercation in the jail. He later appeared under heavy guard in court. Daniel Baker, of Deerfield, is accused of crashing his car into […]