Three of Nine Lake County Jail Inmates Exposed to a Released Inmate Who Later Tested Positive Have Also Tested Positive

On Saturday, April 25, 2020, the Lake County jail’s medical provider conducted COVID-19 tests for the nine inmates who were housed in the housing unit known as 6T with a previously released inmate who tested positive after his release from 6T. The inmate, who would later test positive for COVID-19 — a 28-year-old male of Des Plaines — was remanded to the Lake County Jail on February 27, 2020, and discharged on April 13, 2020, following a plea agreement.

Beginning April 8, 2020, the inmate complained of flu-like symptoms. He was seen several times by the jail’s medical provider and his mild symptoms stabilized. When the inmate was discharged on April 13, 2020, his temperature registered normal, and he didn’t have or report any sickness symptoms.

On April 15, 2020, the inmate checked into a Cook County hospital and was tested for COVID-19. His test came back positive for COVID-19. The inmate was discharged from the hospital shortly after receiving the test results.

Late in the day on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, the results came back for eight of those inmates. Five tested negative, three tested positive, and one is pending.

Initially, there were ten inmates housed in 6T with the previously released inmate who tested positive. On April 17, 2020, one of those inmates was released on bail, and was not displaying signs or symptoms of illness when discharged.

No inmates have been moved into 6T, or from 6T to other housing units within the jail. Of the remaining nine inmates, the five who tested negative are being moved out of 6T to the 14-day new inmate-quarantine area. The three who tested positive will remain housed in 6T, along with the inmate whose test results have not yet returned (COVID-19 test pending).

Each of the four inmates (3 positive plus 1 pending) remaining in 6T are in good overall condition, and are not displaying symptoms of illness. The medical staff at Lake County jail is closely monitoring the inmates.

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the Lake County Jail continues to follow aggressive prevention and mitigation protocols. The Lake County Sheriff’s Administration is working closely with the Lake County Health Department and the jail’s medical provider in continued efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the Lake County Jail. All of the jail’s inmates receive medical care and are routinely evaluated by medical staff while in custody at the Lake County Jail.

Lake County Jail mitigation procedures

• Enhanced medical screening for inmates and employees entering the jail

• Increased cleanings of jail pods

• Minimization of inmates moving from pod to pod

• Establishing a medical segregation area for inmates with mild illness symptoms

• Any inmate experiencing illness wears a mask while quarantined

• Worked with Courts & criminal justice partners to establish electronic bond hearings, versus in-person hearings

• Inmates who receive a recognizance bond at their initial hearing never enter the jail’s general population area

• Utilizing PPEs for all jail staff

• Utilized vacant housing pods to spread the distance between inmates

• All newly remanded inmates are housed out of general population for 14 days for medical evaluation before being moved to general population

If an inmate’s health begins to significantly decline, an inmate experiences a medical emergency, or their medical care is beyond the capabilities of the medical provider, the inmate is immediately transported to an area hospital for treatment.

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the Lake County Jail continues to follow all CDC, Illinois Department of Public Health, and Lake County Health Department guidelines. The jail’s medical provider continues to work closely with the Lake County Health Department.



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