Sportmix pet product for dog affected by aflatoxin (SOURCE: FDA)
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Potentially Fatal Levels of Aflatoxin; U.S. Food and Drug Administration Issues Recall of Some Sportmix Pet Food Products

130 The FDA announced Wednesday, December 30, 2020 that levels of aflatoxin found certain lots of Sportmix pet food are potentially fatal. There are 28 deaths and eight illnesses connected to dogs that consumed the […]

Climate Suitability of Asian Giant Hornet (SOURCE: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America | Assessing the ecological niche and invasion potential of the Asian giant hornet)

Washington State Department of Agriculture Uses Radio Trackers Tagged on 3 Asian Giant Hornets to Track Down Nest and Eradicate the Nest

467 On October 22, 2020, the Washington State Department of Agriculture located the first-ever nest of Asian giant hornets (aka murder hornets) in the United States. The nest was found in a tree cavity near […]

Emaciated coyote with mange immediately after it was seen eating a dead coyote and drinking water at a wet area near a sump pump outlet in a backyard in Arlington Heights in late March 2020

Two Lethal Removals of Coyotes in Arlington Heights South of Palatine Road Near Arlington Heights Road Last September

9,015 A professional with a Commercial Wildlife Permit lethally removed two coyotes in September 2020 from residential neighborhoods on both sides of Arlington Heights Road, just south of Palatine Road, according to a source familiar […]

Asian Giant Hornet trapped July 14, 2020 in Birch Bay, Washington

Washington State Department of Agriculture Announces First Trapped Asian Giant Hornet Since First Sighting in the Wild in December 2019

465 Washington Traps First Asian Giant Hornet – WSDA Virtual Press Conference (Friday July 31, 2020). The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) announced on Friday July 31, 2020 the first confirmed discovery of a […]

Improperly placed and overgrown trees block the view of the Chicago skyline from the Payton Hills lookout in Arlington Heights

Respect Overdue at Arlington Heights Park District’s Lookout at Payton Hill at Nickol Knoll — Lack of Upkeep is a Disgrace to Walter Payton

2,104 Arlington Heights Park District describes Nickol Knoll as a terraced golf course with manicured greens and natural grasses. In a brochure, the Arlington Heights Park District highlights a “look-out point where 354 communities and […]

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Another Asian Giant Hornet in Washington State — Queen in Washington and British Columbia; Habitats May Be Ideal in Areas East of Mississippi River As Well

456 The discovery of a queen Asian Giant Hornet in northeast Bellingham, Washington marks the fourth Asian Giant Hornet discovered in Washington state and in the United States. The introduction of the Asian Giant Hornet […]

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Quiet Morning ‘Rush Hour’ Monday with Beautiful Snow in Arlington Heights, and Quiet Skies on FlightRadar24

1,803 Snow scenes and Grandt’s Shell near Recreation Park during the first ‘Rush Hour’ during the Illinois Stay at Home Order in Arlington Heights. A quiet Monday on March 23, 2020 during the first business […]

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Coyote Bites Man in Buttocks in Gold Coast Neighborhood; 5 yr-old Bitten on Head in Lincoln Park As Chicago Is On Alert for Coyotes

384 A 32-year-old man told Chicago police a coyote bit him Wednesday night in Lincoln Park (Mugo Odigwe/CBS Chicago). A 32-year-old man reported he was bitten by a coyote on his buttocks late Wednesday night, […]

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First Official Asian Giant Hornet Discovery in the United States in Washington State — 4 Months After First Official Discovery in North America in British Columbia

1,937 Animal Planet: The Asian Giant Hornet is one of Japan’s deadliest killers — public enemy #1 for thousands of years. A recent increase in attacks has Evolutionary Biologist Armand Leroi, PhD very concerned (Animal […]