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NBC: “A Hostile Hallucination That’s on the March Around the World” QAnon Conspiracy Theories Spread Overseas

Coronavirus cases were light compared to many other neighboring countries, such as Italy and France, and restrictions in Germany were less strict compared to other countries. Accompanying this NBC News video, YouTube warns that “QAnon […]

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Virologist Elodie Ghedin Explains Why SARS-Cov-2 Responsible for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Likely Came from Bats

CARDINAL NEWS Headlines, News Highlights and Current Events for Thursday, March 12 2020 NBC News’ Richard Engel reports from a Singapore lab where personnel believe bats are the source of the illness, and interviews Elodie […]

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Megyn Kelly and Ronan Farrow Speak This Week on Fox News About Investigating NBC Management

Megyn Kelly speaks out about NBC’s alleged Weinstein cover-up for the first time since leaving the network on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ Ronan Farrow’s articles published in the New Yorker helped uncover the Harvey Weinstein sexual […]