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Six Industries That Benefit the Most from Social Media Utilization: Entertainment, Real Estate, Restaurants, Retail, Health & Fitness, Technology

Social media often gets a bad reputation for how it portrays reality. Discover some of the industries that benefit the most from social media. The pervasive features of social media (The Big Three: Facebook, Instagram […]


Harry’s Lumber Fire: Arlington Heights Resident Helps His Apartment Tenants While His Norwood Park Roofing Business Is Threatened

VIDEO (57 minutes): Chicago firefighters battle to contain extra alarm fire at lumber business to prevent spread to the west to commercial roofing business and apartment next-door (Operations on the west side start at about […]

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Golf Balls: Bernie Madoff Sleazeballs

Bernie Madoff Golf Balls inspired by Bernie Madoff … he’s the man …

Responsible for the largest and longest Ponzi scheme in history
Scammed everyone from the richest to the poorest resulting in losses of over $50 Billion
Stole from his own family and even charities
Lavishly lived a life of lies on other peoples money for 20 years

On top of all that, he was still able to walk around with a smirk on his face […]