Golf Balls: Bernie Madoff Sleazeballs

Bernie Madoff Golf Balls inspired by Bernie Madoff … he’s the man …

Responsible for the largest and longest Ponzi scheme in history
Scammed everyone from the richest to the poorest resulting in losses of over $50 Billion
Stole from his own family and even charities
Lavishly lived a life of lies on other peoples money for 20 years

On top of all that, he was still able to walk around with a smirk on his face

If you want these Bernie Madoff Sleazeballs, go directly to … …

The company founded by Walker Manzke, who worked for his mom’s company Maxam Capital Management LLC — a hedge fund company that went under at a victim. He lost his job and a substantial amount of money due to Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme. His first sleazeball golf ball is Bernie Madoff. But there may be more: new ponzi schemers, corporate raiders with pay excesses, baseball players (HR kings* as in enhanced), corrupt political figures and more.

If you just want regular golf balls …