Woman walks casually toward Tacoma police SUV driven by police officer attempting to move through street with emergency lights flashing and emergency horn blaring
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News Media Criticized for Spin Against Police Action By Limiting Full Video of Police SUV Runover During Civil Disturbance in Tacoma

A video shared on social media shows a police officer in a Tacoma Police Department (TPD) SUV driving over at least one person on a city street and “may have impacted others,” according to a […]

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President Trump’s Instagram Shows a Video of ABC News Special Report Reporting Turkish Attack on Kurds Is Actually a Machine Gun Shoot in Kentucky

President Donald Trump’s official Instagram account posted a video on October 16, 2019 showing an ABC News Special Report of intense gunfire with a caption of “Slaughter in Syria” that ABC News reported apparently showed […]

Solar Eclipse 2017: Crescent Sun in Arlington Heights

Video Highlights of the Great American Solar Eclipse: Lincoln City, Carhenge (Nebraska), Jackson Wyoming, Carbondale and More

ABC News Special: Crowds gather to witness solar eclipse in Lincoln, Oregon — among the first sighting in North America 2017. Crowds gathered in Salem, Oregon to watch as a total solar eclipse made landfall […]