Tea Party Rally Scheduled for Thursday April 15, 3PM to 6PM at Northwest Highway and Hicks


A group of taxpaying citizens dissatisfied with government spending and expansion are planning a Taxed Enough Already (TEA) rally to be held on April 15th in Palatine, Illinois. This peaceful rally is part of a national movement to increase public awareness of the spending of trillions of dollars which will leave our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren a devastating and ruinous debt they must re-pay.

This family-friendly rally encourages all citizens throughout the suburban area who want lower taxes and less government to participate by bringing their American flags, patriotic attire, and signs to display the spirit of the Colonial Patriots of the 1775 Boston Tea Party, which lead to American Independence July 4th, 1776. Re-affirm your commitment to our Constitution and our freedoms by being part of this energizing event on Thursday, April 15th, 3:00pm to 6:30pm, at Volunteer Plaza in Palatine at the intersection of N. Northwest Hwy (Route 14) and N. Hicks Road.

Guest speakers include: Craig Mijares – (Regional Tea Party Coordinator), Candidate Tom Morrison (Illinois House 54th District), Candidate Brian Costin – (Mayor of Schaumburg), Adam Andrzejewski (Real Reform Requires New Leadership), Candidate Joe Walsh – (U.S. Congress 8th District), and Matt Murphy – (Illinois State Senator).

Representatives from Robert Dold (U.S. Congress 10th District), TOPPER (Township of Palatine, Principled, Energized, Republicans), Algonquin Tea Party, Lake County Tea Party, Lake County 9/12, and Schaumburg Tea Party will be present.

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The National Tea Party Federation , a newly formed coalition of regional tea party groups estimates that between 1,700 and 2,000 tax day rallies will occur today across the United States. A rally is also scheduled at Chicago’s Daley plaza at noon today with thousands expected to attend.

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  1. Wow, might as well change the name to the Arlington Republican. I guess unbiased reporting doesn’t mean anything in this town. If you want to lower taxes, who is going to pay for the debt brought upon us by the republican party from tax cuts and excessive spending under the Bush administration. Actually wasn’t this country debt free until Reagan?

  2. LP — You show your colors like a true liberal or — excuse me — progressive. If you don’t agree with something, cry bias, prejudice, or eventually racism! First, this is obviously a press release before the event, not investigative reporting by The Cardinal. As progressive Norman GoldMAN would way “Grow a brain!” Second, publications, especially blogs, tend to lean one side or the other. If you think there is some Utopian publication or television or radio station out there that isn’t biased one way or the other … again … “Grow a brain!” Third, it is only one article you are judging. There are other articles in The Cardinal that include press releases from local liberals or Democrats. Fourth, the Tea Party Movement is REPUBLICAN ONLY … many are just as disgusted with what Bush and other Republicans have done to budgets.

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