Ask Paul B! Abusive Relationship!


Dear Paul B-

I am embarrassed to tell you about our marital relationship. I am married to Sheila for 7 years, and I am not the person that I was before. I was outgoing, confident, always cheerful and had many friends. I am now veryquiet, have only 1 friend left, and I hate my life. The reason for this is Sheila. She hardly ever allows me to speak, and if I don’t agree with her, I am often hit. I have lost teeth, broken ribs and a toe, been slapped so hard that I bled, and I can’t believe this is my life. Sheila apologizes about half the time, but it is not enough. I am a good earner, and I have bought her everything that she requires. She drives a new Camaro, and I have
a 4 year old Honda Accord. My only friend tells me that I am nuts to put up with this. I don’t want to let anyone down if we split up. I also don’t know how Sheila would react to this news. She now wants children.
I am stuck!



Dear Baroke- I mean Baruch–

If you were a woman being beaten regularly (like a rented mule,) your “better-half” would be in prison by now. How in the heck can you allow yourself to take these prison-like beatings constantly, much less once? Did you realize that Sheila was a raving lunatic when you met her? Were there signs then? Well, there are more than signs now. You need to ditch this bitch before you wake up dead one morning. She is beyond “help” at this point. Sheila enjoys kicking your ass on a regular basis, and you would be better off with a blow up doll! (They don’t bite or belittle you.) You seem to be a decent man, but you need some self-respect, courage, and some “protection” before you lose this psychopath of a wife. You friend seems to have a pulse on this situation, so follow his lead. Please, do not have children either with her. Besides, I would not feel safe being naked around her- remember Lorenna Bobbitt?


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