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Cris Carter and More React to Jimmy G’s Comment that He’s ‘Better Than’ Tom Brady | NFL | First Things First

Cris Carter and Nick Wright react to San Francisco 49ers’ QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s comments that he was ‘better than’ former New England Patriots teammate Tom Brady. “I THOUGHT IN MY HEAD, ‘I’M BETTER THAN THIS […]

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Owning A Car Won’t Make Sense By 2025? But Owning a Minivan or RV Over Homelessness Makes Sense for Some Now

LYFT CO-FOUNDER JOHN ZIMMER SAYS OWNING A CAR WON’T MAKE SENSE BY 2025. John Zimmer, Lyft co-founder, explains why the car-sharing company is not backing away from self-driving technology amid anticipation of growing demand. CARS […]