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Naperville Police Alert: Scammers Are Phishing, Using Employee Login Info to Divert Direct Deposits

Naperville posted an alert on their official Facebook page Thursday April 25, 2019 advising the community of a relatively new scam being reported across the country that is diverting employees’ paychecks into other accounts. Scammers […]

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Russians Likely Hacked Illinois Voter Database with 500,000 IDs Stolen, Officials Say

Russian intelligence agents likely hacked the Illinois Election Board database, potentially capturing information of hundreds of thousands of voters. Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein Delivers Remarks Announcing the Indictment of Twelve Russian Intelligence Officers […]

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Better Business Bureau Lists Top Ten Scams for 2011: Work at Home, Secret Shopper, Fake Office Supply Invoice, Lottery Scams, $1 Million from Facebook, and More

Better Business Bureau investigates thousands of scams every year, from the latest gimmicks to schemes that recur year after year. The Better Business Bureau has a new Scam Source (, which is a comprehensive resource […]