Maria T Villa-Mauleon, drug charges Ingleside, Round Lake Park, Lake County

Police Seize $500,000 in Marijuana, Loaded AR-15; Arrest 2 with Possible Drug Cartel Connection

286 Officers from the Round Lake Park Police Department, the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS) Emergency Services Team (NIPAS EST) and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office seized another $500,000 in marijuana Monday, October 16, […]

Schaumburg Police Warrant Service, evidence collection on Cambridge Drive

Schaumburg Police Out on Warrant Service with NIPAS, Searching for Walgreens Murder Suspect in Schaumburg and Glendale Heights

123 Schaumburg police responded about 8:00 AM Wednesday August 16, 2017 with NIPAS EST personnel (SWAT) to surround a home on Cambridge Drive near the intersection of Cambridge Drive Lowell Lane Schaumburg, IL. Neighbors witnessed […]