Kenosha County Court building at Civic Center Park about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

Rittenhouse Defense Team Files New Motion for Dismissal Alleging Prosecution Withheld Key Video Evidence, Providing Small Video File

430 State of Wisconsin v. Kyle Rittenhouse (Video from Law and Crime network). YouTube Tips ⓘ The Kyle Rittenhouse defense team Wednesday morning, November 17, 2021 file a motion for Dismissal with Prejudice (no chance […]

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FIGHT BACK, Kyle Rittenhouse Legal Defense Team, Releases Video of Night 3 of Kenosha Riots When 2 Rioters Were Killed and 1 Was Injured from Gunshots

3,325 The video by legal defense group #FightBack was flagged as an Age-Restricted video by YouTube. ❝ The following content has been flagged by the YouTube community as inappropriate of offensive to some audiences. Viewer […]

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Criminal Complaint: State of Wisconsin Plaintiff vs. Kyle H. Rittenhouse Defendant Accused of Shooting 3 Protester/Rioters — Killing 2 in Kenosha

7,096 Kyle Rittenhouse is a 17 year-old resident of Antioch who was on the streets of Kenosha with a long gun with a stated purpose of protecting property during riots that involved millions of dollars […]