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FIGHT BACK, Kyle Rittenhouse Legal Defense Team, Releases Video of Night 3 of Kenosha Riots When 2 Rioters Were Killed and 1 Was Injured from Gunshots

2,768 The video by legal defense group #FightBack was flagged as an Age-Restricted video by YouTube. ❝ The following content has been flagged by the YouTube community as inappropriate of offensive to some audiences. Viewer […]

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24/7 Crime Alerts!

Criminal Complaint: State of Wisconsin Plaintiff vs. Kyle H. Rittenhouse Defendant Accused of Shooting 3 Protester/Rioters — Killing 2 in Kenosha

6,807 Kyle Rittenhouse is a 17 year-old resident of Antioch who was on the streets of Kenosha with a long gun with a stated purpose of protecting property during riots that involved millions of dollars […]