Kyle Rittenhouse Testifies in His Own Defense in Kenosha County Court

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PROSECUTION’S CASE: Violating lesser laws regarding possession of a gun, curfew, driving without a license, propensity of character evidence and propensity to act violently forfeits a person’s right to use deadly force to defend oneself.

Kyle Rittenhouse takes the stand to testify in his own defense with defense attorney Mark Richards, and is cross examined by the prosecution, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger (Before Lunch). YouTube Tips ⓘ

Kyle Rittenhouse takes the stand to testify in his own defense with defense attorney Mark Richards, and is cross examined by the prosecution, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger (After Lunch). YouTube Tips ⓘ

Kyle Rittenhouse testified in his own defense on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 while he was interviewed by his attorney Mark Richards.

Rittenhouse testified that after cleaning graffiti as a volunteer off a Reuther Central High School near the Kenosha County Courthouse, he met with the owner of the Car Source, where Car Source One had been destroyed by arson. There were three Car Source locations in Kenosha — Car Source One, Car Source Two and Car Source Three.

Rittenhouse testified he bought a rifle sling to prevent someone from taking his rifle off the ground if he were helping someone with first aid during the riot.

Rittenhouse said he have someone his bullet proof vest instead of driving to a store near O’Hare International Airport to pick up a bullet proof vest.

Rittenhouse said he went to Car Source Two at 59th Street and Sheridan Road and met with the owners. He proceeded to Car Source Three, 63rd Street and Sheridan Road with the owners and other individuals for a meeting.

There was a plan for Rittenhouse to provide first aid with a Pelican Box and a first aid kit, which he had with him.

Two or three big vans pulled up with people that wanted to protect the business at Car Source Three.

Rittenhouse then proceeded to Car Source Two with a group of people. The owners of Car Source did not proceed to Car Source Two. “Sal” (Sahil Khindri), whose father owns Car Source, gave Nick Smith a set of keys to Car Source Two. Some people in the group used ladders to get up on the roof to protect Car Source Two.

Rittenhouse testified he was positioned in front of Car Source Two. Rittenhouse left Car Source Two with the goal to extinguish fires and see if anyone needed first aid. He extinguished a fire at a church and another building in an alley way. He saw a fire at Reuther Central High School, but someone else extinguished the fire before he arrived. The high school was the location where he removed graffiti earlier in the day.

Rittenhouse testified that Joseph Rosenbaum threatened to kill him twice. Rittenhouse said he had never met Rosenbaum, who was wearing a blue mask. Rosenbaum was also wearing a dark red shirt.

The first threat occurred near the north corner of 59th and Sheridan when Joseph Rosenbaum was carrying a steel chain. If I catch any of you f–kers along I will f–king kill you.

The second time was outside the Car Source Two he screamed to several people, Rittenhouse included, “I am going to cut your f–king hearts out and kill you f–king n——.” Someone threw a chemical bomb immediately after the threat.

He then saw him tip over a Porta Pottie and a trailer and try to start it on fire.

Rittenhouse said he provided medical help to several people. One person had injured her ankle. Immediately after he had been pepper sprayed, he asked if she needed help. He wrapped her ankle.

He helped people rinse their eyes out after the chemical bomb.

Rittenhouse testified he met Mr. McGinnis (Richard McGinnis, video producer with The Daily Caller), with Ryan Balch. Rittenhouse and Balch agreed that if McGinnis wanted to come with Rittenhouse and Balch to document them helping with first aid, you can.

Eventually the three men crossed Sheridan Road. There were Bearcats parked, and continued south along Sheridan Road. He looked at a guy’s shoulder and continued south.

Yellow pants said you were the one that pointed your rifle at me with the laser pointer. Rittenhouse said he answered sarcastically, “I did.”

He continued walking south, but he realized Ryan Balch was not with him anymore. He went to look for Bulch at a gas station where there were a lot of people. Rittenhouse said he decided to return to Car Source Two.

Rittenhouse received a phone call from Dominick Black. He said he is needed at Car Source Three because people are bashing cars and starting fires.

Police told Rittenhouse he could not go back to Car Source Two. Rittenhouse was now alone and stuck there to help the people that were protecting the Ultimate gas station.

He asked for a fire extinguisher. Rittenhouse was given a fire extinguisher and headed toward Car Source Three. He did not notice Mr. Rosenbaum until Rosenbaum came out from behind the car and ambushed Rosenbaum.

As Rittenhouse he replied with “Friendly, friendly friendly.” He noticed a flame in the back of a DuraMax.

Joshua Ziminsky pointed a pistol toward him. Rittenhouse decided to head back toward Car Source Two. When he took the step back from the pistol, Mr. Rosenbaum started running at him from his right side. There were three people. … Rittenhouse became emotional — drying and sobbing. Judge Bruce Schroeder ordered a break.

Kyle Rittenhouse began sobbing in court as he testified about the night prosecutors say he killed two men and wounded a third. Judge Bruce Schroeder decided to momentarily pause the trial after Rittenhouse broke down in tears. YouTube Tips ⓘ

Returning from the break, Rittenhouse testified that Joshua Ziminsky instructed Rosenbaum to get him (Rittenhouse) and kill him. Rosenbaum threw the bag at him, which he thought was the chain he was carrying, but turned out to be a plastic bag that was thrown.

He pointed the gun at Rosenbaum, but Rosenbaum did not stop. A gunshot was fired behind Rittenhouse. He turned aroiund and then looked back at Rosenbaum and grabbed the barrel of the gun. Rittenhouse said there was about 100 people surrounding Rittenhouse. He then shot Rosenbaum four times. The hundreds of people left the area. Mr. McGinnis slammed his helmet. Rittenhouse called Dominick Black. Joshua Ziminsky and others were yelling Get him, get him, get him. Rittenhouse decided to turn himself into the law as a mob was chasing him.

Rittenhouse con Cranium him, kill him as he was running down Sheridan Road toward the police. Rittenhouse continued running north on Sheridan Road. Anthony Huber swung his skateboard like a baseball bat. Rittenhouse got light headed after he was struck twice by the skateboard and concrete rock that someone threw. Anthony Huber struck him in the head with his skateboard. Gaige Grosskreutz came up to him.

A person jumped at him with his boots. Rittenhouse shot at him when the boot kicked his face. Rittenhouse tried to get up, and Anthony Huber struck him a second time in the neck. Anthony Huber grabbed the barrel of the gun, and Rittenhouse felt his rifle and the sling start to slip away from his body. Rittenhouse then shot Anthony Huber.

Rittenhouse saw Gaige Grosskreutz point his gun toward his head.

There was a discussion about re-racking the rifle. Rittenhouse said

Rittenhouse said his rifle was pointed down. G hands were up, but then he brought his right arm down with his pistol aimed at Rittenhouse’s head.

Rittenhouse testified that Gaige Grosskreutz was no longer a threat to Rittenhouse.

Another person had a pipe and another person had a fence post. Rittenhouse did not fire his rifle at any of those people.

When Rittenhouse reached the officer. He told an officer sitting in a police car that he just shot someone. The police officer said, “Get the f–k back or your going to get pepper sprayed. Go home.

Rittenhouse turned himself into Antioch Police after Dominick Black drove him to his mother and his residence. After about one hour, Rittenhouse arrived at the Antioch Police Station.

Rittenhouse said he was seated in the Antioch Police Station and vomited and had a panic attack.


The prosecutor Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger was admonished by Judge Bruce Schroeder for bringing up the silence of the defendant, Kyle Rittenhouse. Judge Schroeder said he was astonished that the prosecutor Thomas Binger commented on the defendant’s post-arrest silence (ie, the Constitutional right to remain silent). Judge Schroeder said silence of the defendant is basic law and has been basic law for the past 40 or 50 years.

Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder, after excusing the jury, admonished prosecutor Thomas Binger for his line of questioning with Kyle Rittenhouse on the stand. YouTube Tips ⓘ

The judge threatened to hold the prosecutor in contempt, and the defense suggested the possibility of a motion for mistrial with prejudice. Judge Schroeder also referred to Wisconsin Statute 904.04

Evidence of a person’s character or a trait of the person’s character is not admissible for the purpose of proving that the person acted in conformity therewith on a particular occasion, except:

(a) Character of accused. Evidence of a pertinent trait of the accused’s character offered by an accused, or by the prosecution to rebut the same;

(b)Character of victim. Except as provided in s. 972.11(2), evidence of a pertinent trait of character of the victim of the crime offered by an accused, or by the prosecution to rebut the same, or evidence of a character trait of peacefulness of the victim offered by the prosecution in a homicide case to rebut evidence that the victim was the first aggressor;

(c)Character of witness. Evidence of the character of a witness, as provided in ss. 906.07, 906.08 and 906.09.

— Wis. Stat. § 904.04

Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger brought up that Rittenhouse testified that he pointed a gun at “Yellow Pants” and said Rittenhouse said he was joking and implying he was pointing the gun at “Yellow Pants,” and that was admission he pointed the gun at “Yellow Pants”. Actually, Rittenhouse admitted he said “Yes” sarcastically to “Yellow Pants'” claim that Rittenhouse pointed the gun at him. The sarcasm was not an admission that he actually pointed the gun at “Yellow Pants.” There is difference between joking and being sarcastic.

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Yesterday, November 9, 2021 …

He runs, he spins, and shots. Clear drone video gives a new view of Kyle Rittenhouse shooting and killing Joseph Rosenbaum last summer. CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports jurors were shown video evidence on Tuesday that no one’s ever seen before. YouTube Tips ⓘ

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