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Controversy Over Dropping All Aid to Egypt; Joint Military Exercise, Operation Bright Star Canceled

63 Wolf Blitzer asks two top diplomats if it is time for the U.S. to suspend its $1.6-million military aid package to Egypt. President Barack Obama canceled Operation Bright Star plans for joint American-Egyptian military […]

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525 Killed in Egypt Violence; Muslim Brotherhood Defiant, Pledge to Bring Down Egypt’s Military Coup

38 WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Hundreds are dead and many more wounded in what’s being called the deadliest day in Egypt since the 2011 revolution. The Egyptian military is moving against the Muslim Brotherhood and moving […]

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Three Terms Glenn Beck Discussed on the Glenn Beck Show Are #1, #6, #10 on Google Trends for February 3, 2011: Islamic Socialism, Caliphate, Code Pink

43 Islamic Socialism, Caliphate, and Code Pink (all highlighted in yellow) were discussed on the Glenn Beck show Wednesday. Caliphate Definition (#16) was also searched. Glenn Beck is proposing that recent incidents in Yemen, Egypt […]