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Cybersecurity Methods To Boost Your Company’s Tech Security and Home Computer Network

126 Companies continue to benefit from modern technological advances. Keep your company’s technology or even your home network efficient and well-protected with these security tips. Advanced technology serves as a massive advantage to businesses everywhere. […]

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Facebook Down for About 5 Minutes Friday Late Morning, 2 Days After Taking Down Russian Pages

52 Facebook was down about 11:20 a.m. CDT for about 5 minutes in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Outage tracker Down Detector ( reported a spike in reports from Facebook users from countries around the world, including […]

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24/7 Crime Alerts!

Teen Hacker “Cosmo the God” Was Busted By The FBI and Now Works for a Company, Advising Other Companies About Cybersecurity

1,134 Eric Taylor, a former hacker, known as Cosmo the God, says he is now helping companies defend themselves against cybercrime. Eric Taylor, who went by the nickname Cosmo the God, previously posted personal information […]