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Shots Fired, Arson Fires, Looting, Criminal Damage During Aurora Protest on Sunday Prompts State of Emergency and 8:30 PM Curfew

Coverage at Broadway and Spring Street (CBS 2 Chicago/Charlie De Mar). Aurora police report vehicles were torched and shots were fired at an armored vehicle Sunday May 31, 2020. A Kendall County Sheriff’s MRAP armored […]

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One Chicago Teen Charged with Vehicle Trespass, 3 Charged with Violating Curfew in Cherbourg, Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove police responded about 4:00 a.m. Tuesday August 15, 2017 to a report from an anonymous caller that four juveniles were going through vehicles in the Cherbourg subdivision, which is north of Route 83 […]

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Curfew Announced in Ferguson, Missouri Effective Tonight — Midnight to 5 AM; Governor Declares State of Emergency

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and a mandatory curfew Saturday in response to the ongoing unrest over the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown. Meanwhile, community members band together to clean […]