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Cessna 310 Pilot Taking Off at Chicago Executive Airport: Heard a Pop, Discovered His Nose Gear Was Wobbling in Skies Over Wheeling

169 Cessna 310 failed nose gear landing after several flyovers at Chicago Executive Airport. The call for help from Prospect Heights and Wheeling firefighter/paramedics was received at 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, December 5, 2018. However, not […]

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Data Shows Steep, Unrecoverable Descent of Russian Metrojet Plane; U.S. Intelligence Suggests ISIS Bomb on Rusian Plane

70 Investigators are uncovering new clues about the final seconds of Metrojet Flight 9268. CNN’s Miguel Marquez reports. The latest U.S. intelligence suggests that the crash of a Russian passenger jet flying over the Sinai […]

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SkyWest Pilot Rapidly Descends Passenger Jet After Unconscious Passenger Cause Mistakenly Interpreted As Cabin Pressure Problem

39 SkyWest Flight 5622 was diverted to Buffalo, New York, after a passenger lost consciousness, an airline official told CNN. The flight landed safely in Buffalo. A SkyWest Airlines pilot dove a passenger jet from […]

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VIDEO: “Heads Down” Flight Attendant’s Chant During Emergency Landing of Delta Flight 4951 at JFK

51 Video from iPhone from passenger of Delta 4951 — “Heads Down!” Video from passenger’s iPhone of emergency landing of Delta flight 4951 at John F. Kennedy International airport on Saturday night. The jet aircraft […]