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The Cardinal — “Hyperlocal News” for Arlington Heights, Illinois
News gets out! News is provided to the population via print (newspapers, magazines), broadcast (television, radio), Internet (news websites, blogs, video/audio streaming), Facebook, Twitter, messaging (SMS/text messaging, e-mail, emergency telephone notification) or word of mouth. News providers range in size from multinational corporations, to government agencies, to school districts and small blogging operations. And now even individuals spread the news with original messages or by sharing information from news providers or other Facebook users.

The range of service of news providers is global (national news networks) and local (local television, local newspapers, local governments, local school systems).

Thanks to technology, the community and YOU, we now have hyperlocal news.
You might not care about an armed robbery 10 miles away, but you might care if its down the street at your local bank.


Your range of news might be a little further out if you’re looking for a restaurant review or traffic conditions.

And your range could go half way around the world if the news involves a sinking oil tanker or an act of terrorism that’s going to put someone you love in harms way or raise gasoline prices.

Some people say the NEWS is an acronym: north, east, west, and south (the cardinal directions) … news all around the world in every direction.

News content guidelines recommend the “Five W’s” (who, what, when, where, why, and also how) of an event. Breaking news is often incomplete regarding the “Five W’s.”

News as education; news as entertainment. News tends to cover unusual subjects that catch people’s attention and differ from their “ordinary lives” (e.g., escapism) . As a result, news often skews reality and misrepresents the risks of events happening to ordinary people. However, news is still an important factor in keeping people informed for financial decisions, political decisions, personal inspiration, risk reduction for safety and health, and satisfaction and comfort in sports, entertainment and weather.

While traditional journalism strives for objectivity and fair, unbiased reporting; it is almost impossible to provide complete objectivity. Many news providers are outwardly political, especially political blogs.

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