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For the best viewing of Arlingtoncardinal.com, please view the following recommendations. There are certain technical guidelines that should be followed to view pages in their entirety.

Browser Compatibility
The Cardinal – Arlingtoncardinal.com is best viewed with Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer do NOT show embedded maps properly. A refresh of the browser screen might be necessary to view the embedded map. Right-click the map and choose REFRESH from the popup menu for a possible resolution.

Also, older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer are known to have trouble with displaying web pages. IE 6 is known to have problems rendering some web page designs. Arlingtoncardinal.com is not immune from IE 6 display problems. The right column of Arlingtoncardinal.com disappears from its proper position at the right of the page and is pushed down to the bottom of the page in left alignment.

IE6 does not fully support CSS version 2, unlike most browsers. In order to have pages render properly, web developers must use “hacks” or workarounds so IE6 displays web pages correctly. Arlingtoncardinal.com does not use those hacks, so there are some display problems with IE6.

In May 2006, PC World rated Internet Explorer 6 the eighth worst tech product of all time. A certain degree of complacency has been alleged against Microsoft over IE6. With Microsoft ‘owning’ nearly 90% of the browser market, their motive for innovation was not strongly present, resulting in a 6-year time lapse between the IE6’s introduction and its replacement with IE7. This fact is one contributing factor for the rapid rise of the open source alternative Mozilla Firefox.

IE6 has also been criticized due to its instability. There are several campaigns aiming to rid Internet Explorer 6, which is still quite popular, from the browser market. See bringdownie6.com.

Speed Issues
Arlingtoncardinal.com is also designed for broadband speed connections. Clicking on a tag or gathering search results may render the listing of all pages with some delay, especially if pages contain many embedded Google maps or flash objects. Single posts or articles usually load quickly with a broadband connection (3 Mbps and above). Search results and tag results with multiple returns render quickly at speeds of 15 Mbps and above. The rendering is ‘livable’ at 5 Mbps. At 3 Mbps and lower, you will probably want to have something else to do while you wait.

For mobile device users a solution is coming soon for devices that cannot display the dropdown navigation menus at the top of the screen.

Adobe Flash has been discontinued, and no longer works. Previously, f best viewing, it was frequently necessary to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash. In July 2017, Adobe deprecated Flash, and announced End-Of-Life (EOL) for Adobe Flash at the end of 2020. Some enterprise uses continue.

Issues with Google Maps
Internet Explorer users may have issues with the display of embedded Google maps. Sometimes the map just shows up as a gray box. If you right-click and refresh, you will usually be able to see the map.

Occasionally, browsers may not display the markers that are present on the map, but the map shows the area of interest. The markers include icons or pushpins that identify an area of a specific event. When a map displays without any markers, refresh the whole page using the ‘Refresh’ button of your browser. The second time is usually effective for displaying all markers on the map.

Occasionally issues arise with Google maps when Google makes a technical change in how their maps or street views are rendered. For example, in early 2010, Google improved the interface for Google Street View. However, the update broke embedded links on all blogs that had older versions of the embedded code. The result was that an embedded Street View would only show a gray box. Google provided a fix several weeks later that brought the street view back. However, it appears that the street views always ‘look’ North. If a publisher was emphasizing a certain geographical figure for the street view, it would have to be redone if the feature was not in a north view of the street view.

In 2022 there was an issue where 3D mode stopped working on Google Maps. There is no known fix when 3D mode doesn’t work.

There is a discussion of slow Google Map loading Google maps UI painfully slow after latest revision — a discussion that was started in a forum in January 2009.

Human Interface/User Issues
The Cardinal — Arlingtoncardinal.com is designed with user/reader efficiency, performance, convenience and usefulness in mind. Be sure to use the search box in the upper, right if you land on a page and do not find the search term you were seeking (from Google, Ask, Yahoo!, for example).

Also, try the “Let’s Go Paging!” … the page provides an easy method to go directly to a page by typing the address of the page on a mobile device. Apple makes it difficult to type in the URL address field, so CARDINAL NEWS created a method to simply type “weather” to go to the Arlingtoncardinal.com/weather page (for example). Check out “Let’s Go Paging” (Arlingtoncardinal.com/paging) …


Also, consider using the two-row hierarchical menu function that is available near the top of every page of Arlingtoncardinal.com. The best way to use the two-row menu is to slide your pointer in from the left and navigate the menus and sub-menus. If your device does not allow you to see the full menus, find categories and sub-categories in the 1-CLICK About menu for each main category. You may also need to use the SITE MAP link at the very top of every page and browse from that point. Look for the FULL UNABRIDGED SITE MAP link on that page.

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