Important Ways To Make Your Food Truck Business Stand Out and Survive

Ebbetts Good To Go Food was listed in the 2015 Best of San Francisco magazine as BEST FOOD TRUCK, but is no longer in business in 2022
Ebbetts Good To Go Food was listed in the 2015 Best of San Francisco magazine as BEST FOOD TRUCK, but is no longer in business in 2022 (biggifraley/pixabay).

The food truck industry is surprisingly competitive. If you want your business to stand out amongst the other options, you will have to be memorable, be unique, be knowledgeable about your locations, be aware of local events, and be willing to offer discounts.

Starting a food truck business has its ups and downs. Food trucks are popular, convenient, and have various advantages that you can’t find in owning a traditional restaurant. Still, you must set yourself apart from the competition, or it’s bye-bye for your business. Before you set out, explore these easy ways to make your food truck stand out.

Design Your Truck in a Way People Will Remember

You can make the color of your food truck unique and pair it with a catchy, short, and simple tagline. If you want, you can try a vehicle wrap for it. Some people question if these are worth it, but they’re actually quite effective. You can also add some lighting or additional signage so people can see your food truck from afar. Make your name unique, cute, or funny so people will have fun mentioning it. It’s also essential to create unique branding, as this can be a factor that can make or break your food truck business.

Don’t Just Be Another Copycat

If you own a food truck that sells pizza, don’t set up shop next to another pizza food truck. Competition is good, but it’s better to compete with trucks that sell different items. Even though the quality will always be the redeeming factor for every food option, you still need a way to stand out. Coming up with distinctive food options is the best way to avoid this problem.

Select the Perfect Spot

A food truck should be located where people frequently hang out or pass by. They should have a space to enjoy their food purchase and not have to eat it on the run. Yes, it is food to go, but don’t force your customers to eat while walking around. Having a decent space for them to sit down. Ensure that you keep customers happy by giving them options. You might want to have the option of bringing your own outdoor furniture for at least three or four dining sets for your customers if you’re going to be parked where three is no seating available.

Always Be on the Lookout for Nearby Events

Food trucks are popular during any kind of festival or street event. People who go to these events are usually quite hungry from being there all day, and will pay more than usual to get something to eat or drink. Food trucks always make a decent profit from people in these areas. However, competition for these spots is fierce, so make sure you’re ready for that. Beware, you might face opposition from event organizers who might have food and drink sales of their own, and won’t be happy if your food truck is cutting into their sales. You might have better luck locating near sports field that are hosting lots of fans and spectators, but no concession stand.

Discounts and Promotions Make a Big Difference

People will flock if food trucks have specials or discounts for the selections they’re offering. You can also give out free drinks or create combo deals, so customers feel like they’re getting a deal for buying more than they originally planned.

Another way to make your food truck well-known is by using social media. When going to places for any events, people like to know what kind of food is in the area so they’ll have something to look forward to. Let customers know what new things you have to offer, and maybe give out some coupons for your store. Some food truck businesses have large followings and look forward to updates to menu specials or location updates.

Food truck operations offer a lot of opportunities for creative ideas. Even the slightest original or fun idea you bring to reality can be a huge win. You just have to be aware of what people need, and start from there.

Understanding Demand Side and Supply Side

Keep in mind, the preceding ideas help you make more money. Equally important are the ideas and operations that keep you from losing money. Adjusting to rising gasoline prices; reducing perishable food loss; adapting to rising meat and food prices; surviving changes in seasonal demand; surviving maintenance costs; and operating the food truck efficiently, productively, and safely to avoid injury claims and property damage are important factors for the business.

Stixx Grille's pink and brown truck, which had great food and all the right amenities, served customers in 2013 but suddenly disappeared without any notice
Stixx Grille’s cute pink and brown truck, which had great food and all the right amenities, served customers in 2013 but suddenly disappeared without any notice. The food truck business is not an easy business.


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