Off-Duty Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots, Kills Robber at Beauty Salon

Police say a 17-year-old male suspected of robbery was fatally shot by an off-duty female Cook County sheriff’s deputy Wednesday afternoon at a beauty salon at 132 West 69th Street at 1:39 p.m in the Englewood neighborhood.

Two robbery demanded property from the people inside, when a female Cook County sheriff’s deputy opposed the robbers, discharged her weapon, and shot at least one of the suspects. Chicago police and the Cook County Sheriff’s Office say the dead robber was a man in his late 20s. However, people at the scene said the person who was fatally shot was a 17-year-old boy and CPS student.

The other robber escaped, possibly without injury. The Cook County sheriff’s deputy was not injured.

Witnesses said they heard at least three shots.

Relatives said he was walking home from the nearby CTA Red Line stop in his own neighborhood, and don’t believe the dead robbery suspect would have been involved in a robbery where he would be identified in his own neighborhood.

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ABC 7 Chicago Suspected robber fatally shot by off-duty Cook County sheriff’s deputy