Maybe Knock Out Justin Bieber Needs to Wear a Helmet? Head Injuries with Knockouts Are No Joke


As if having THOUSANDS of crazy Scandinavian girls chasing him wasn’t enough to deal with, Justin Bieber got KNOCKED OUT COLD while performing at a concert in Norway.

For all those girls who faint when Justin Bieber notices you in the crowd … You better hurry up and get in line before he has so many head injuries he can’t recognize his own agent.

Bieber is on record for clobbering his head or getting his head clobbered three times now. He recently reached for a railing on the other side of a glass window pane and hit his head on the glass. He lost consciousness briefly after the impact. A couple of years ago he hit is head on a glass revolving door. He’s also been hit in the head by a projectile plastic water bottle while on stage.

Losing consciousness from a head injury is serious medical business. Remember Natasha Richardson?

On Monday March 16, 2009, Actress Natasha Richardson, 45, was taking a ski lesson without a helmet (she declined the offer to wear a helmet) on a beginner slope at the Mont Tremblant ski resort north of Montreal, with an instructor. Toward the end of the lesson, Richardson fell and struck her head and the ski instructor called the ski patrol for assistance. She was alert and conversational afterward, even joking about her fall, and did not complain of any ill effects. One hour later, in her hotel room, she developed a severe headache. By Wednesday, she died from an epidural hematoma — a type of traumatic brain injury when a buildup of blood increases pressure in the intracranial space and damages delicate brain tissue. About 3% of head injuries involve epidural hematomas, and about 15% to 20% of epidural hematomas are fatal.

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