Mark DeCarlo of Windy City Live in Free Gas Giveaway at Mobil Station, Arlington Heights Rd and Golf Rd

Howling fun: Windy City Live Contributor Mark DeCarlo gases up $50 worth of gas for Sherri Raffini of Arlington Heights — the last vehicle to make the 10:00 a.m. deadline for free gas.

Traffic was backed up on southbound on Arlington Heights Road for almost one mile, but it was worth it for those people that got $50 worth of gas. The giveaway, which ran after 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. was courtesy of the ABC 7 morning show, “Windy City Live” and Spark Energy, an electricity and natural gas provider.

Police were on hand to watch for cheaters that tried to sneak around or cut in line, but was a fun time for all involved.

WCL Contributor Mark DeCarlo had a lot of fun with Sherri Raffini and Otis who was riding ‘shotgun’ in his ride.

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  1. Nice of the Land Rover driver to take advantage of the freebie when she obviously didn’t need it. Pretty pathetic.

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