VIDEO: Arlington Park Fireworks, Great View from Grandstand, Wilke Rd, Euclid Ave, Northwest Highway

Fireworks at Arlington Park as viewed from Wilke Road, just south of Northwest Highway. Recommended set it to 720p and expand (lower, right controls).

The fireworks display at Arlington Park was given top ratings by citizens who viewed the July 2nd showing Saturday night. People filled the grandstand and lined the streets surrounding the race track.

A large crowd enjoyed the fireworks at Northwest Highway and Wilke Road near Jimmy D’s, and also lined the streets down Wilke Road and down Northwest Highway. Crowds of people also lined Euclid Avenue and Wilke Road near the intersection of Euclid Avenue and Wilke Road near the Cook County Court and Arlington Park Trackside.

Regarding crowd control, very little trouble was reported. One person required an ambulance for apparent alcohol intoxication after the display was completed.

For more fireworks locations Sunday night (July 3rd, 2011) and Monday night (July 4th 2011), see The Cardinal


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