Alexis, the Siberian Huskie, Is In Good Care at Pine Bluff Animal Hospital After Being Accidentally Hit By Police Car


Dr. Brian Schmidt, D.V.M. of Pine Bluff Animal Hospital explains why orthopedic injuries suffered by Alexis can wait, until the dog’s injured lungs can supply adequate oxygen perfusion to tissues.

Alexis, a two-year-old Siberian Huskie suffered a fracture of the left humerus (left front leg), a fracture of the left tibia and fibula (the left lower leg), and a dislocated right hip on March 23, 2011 when she was accidentally hit by a police car. But it is a collapsed lung that takes veterinary medical priority.

There’s no emergency fracture treatment, explained Dr. Schmidt. The priority is to stabilized the lung injury. The stress of anesthesia is not recommended because of possible emboli or blood clots, poor blood perfusion to tissues, and poor oxygenation. The orthopedic injuries require surgery. At least one fracture requires a plate to stabilize the bone.

An emergency veterinarian facility treated the pneumothorax (collapsed lung), and then Alexis was transported to Pine Bluff Animal Hospital in Morris, Illinois.

A canine tooth in the lower jaw was avulsed (knocked out) also. The tooth has already been wired into place. The hip dislocation was also reduced (put back in place), and that seemed to help with pain control. Alexis is also receiving pain treatment. Now all concerned are waiting for the lungs to be strong enough to survive surgery.

The bill for treatment may exceed $4,000. The family says that any small donations by credit card directly to the animal hospital would help.

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