Clinton: How the Internet Can Save the World

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the Internet can allow people to achieve great things, but also do great harm. She says now is the time to discuss what if any rules should be in place concerning the Web.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says “debate about whether Internet is force for liberation or repression is beside the point.

2 billion people are no online — about one-third of the people on earth.

The Internet has become THE public space of the 21st century — the worlds’ town square, classroom, market place, coffee house and night club.

We need to have a serious conversation about the principles that will guide us.

The goal is not to tell people how to use the Internet.

— Hillary Clinton

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke on Internet Freedom February 15th, at George Washington University in the School of Media and Public Affair’s Jack Morton Auditorium.

Clinton denounced the publishing of confidential US diplomatic cables by Wikileaks as an issue of theft rather than an issue of internet rights. She also denied allegations that the US had any role in coercing private businesses to stop providing an Internet connection to Wikileaks.