Hillary Clinton in Arlington Heights

Quite a Different Crowd Reaction from Hillary Clinton’s Hotel Arrival in New York in 2022 Compared to Departure in Arlington Heights in 2019

Hillary Clinton booed and jeered as she arrived at a New York hotel on Friday, February 18, 2022. Clinton was in New York to deliver remarks at the 2022 New York State Democratic Convention. Former […]

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Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton Attend Memorial Service for Betsy Ebeling at Metropolis Ballroom on Vail Ave in Arlington Heights

Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton in Arlington Heights; exiting Metropolis Ballroom to awaiting US Secret Service motorcade. Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were in Arlington Heights at the Metropolis Ballroom, 6 […]

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New Probe Opens Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Server Investigation with 12 or Less Days to Presidential Election

An announcement today signals an apparent restart to the FBI’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s mail server. , FBI Director James Comey informed congressional leaders Friday that FBI will investigate whether additional classified material is contained […]