Shootout Near Chicago and Homan, 1 Dead in Garda Armored Car Robbery Attempt in Chicago

Chicago police responded about 9:45 a.m. Friday to a report of an attempted robbery of an armored car that was stopped at a store near Chicago and Homan. Robbery attempt occurred with customers in a store. Garda Armored Car #288 was attacked in the robbery attempt.

Witnesses report multiple shots during a shootout.

Guards with the Garda armored car company were coming out of the Family Dollar store, 3401 West Chicago, Chicago, IL when they were assaulted. One guard was shooting from inside the armored truck.

None of the guards from Garda were reported injured. Two offenders were shot during the attempted robbery. One of the offenders died.

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  1. I’m very glad the guards are OK, armored cars are a bless in those situations.Too bad one of the offenders died.He won’t be able to get his punishment, but I hope the others will regret what they’ve done.

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