Diane Eldrup Arrested After 18 Dead Dogs Found at Muddy Paws Dog Rescue, Just South of Deer Park Town Center

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Police and animal control authorities responded to Muddy Paws Dog Rescue, 20429 N. Rand Road, in Deer Park after Kildeer police were notified by the facility operator’s estranged husband earlier on Thursday. Police called in the assistance of the Lake County Animal Care and Control office.

Authorities rescued six animals but eventually found 18 dead dogs and two dead birds in the Deer Park animal shelter along Rand Road between Palatine and Lake Zurich. Four live dogs were rescued, and two cats were rescued.

All animals were removed from Muddy Paws Dog Rescue, 20429 N. Rand Road, in Deer Park on Thursday, according Leslie Piotrowski, spokeswoman for Lake County Animal Care and Control. The dead animals most likely died of starvation.

Police arrested Diane Eldrup, 48, who operates Muddy Paws out of her home. Eldrup was charged late Thursday with felony aggravated cruelty to an animal, police said.

Bail for Eldrup was set at $250,000 today in Lake County court.

Police and animal control officials are checking the animals for microchips to determine if any of them had rightful owners or if further information can be obtained. The business had been closed for one year.

The six living animals are being held at the Lake County Animal Care and Control Mundelein facility, and are being treated for conditions of extreme emaciation and dehydration.

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  1. Yeah, I know the lousing JERK ex-husband who reported his child’s mother to the police right before Christmas!! He picks up his kid every week or every other and NEVER reported the problem?? I think he should be held just as accountable for what went on there. Those who sit around and do NOTHING are even worse than the person who is doing wrong!! I’ve been to the place before and it smelled like a cow dung farm. The place was run like a business for all the tax right-offs. Nice memories the 10 y/o son now has to live with just because the father wanted to wait to stick it to the ex-wife…….

  2. What a disgusting woman this is! The writer before me wants to blame everyone else for her troubles. She is a sick pig who should not be allowed to be free out of jail. Put this woman in jail with all the other abusers. She should rot in hell.

  3. MP
    So you have been to the house and it smelled bad–what did you do? Did you offer her help or check out what was going on with her child? You call her ex names but what control did he have? Maybe he tried to help..maybe he asked questions and it finally came to calling the authorities…you just dont know. Maybe their child is the one he let him know how bad things were. If life had gotten so bad for her other people had to notice and either chose not to help or she refused any help.

  4. No one knows the whole story and when i started to read MP comment I thought hmmm do they know the husband? then they comment about being there and the place smelling … well MP why didnt you call animal control if it was that bad? so the ones that did nothing are just as bad as the ones who did it?? ummmm where does that put you now?? you DID NOTHING

  5. MP:

    Are you really that ignorant? I must side with some of the others here- what did YOU do?
    Nice memories that the son has to live with? I’m assuming that you meant having his mom taken away right before Christmas. Again, really? What about the memories that poor child will have to endure as a result of living in those conditions? I think that is far worse. If anything, just as those remaining animals were rescued, so was that child and while he may feel some sadness over being taken from his mother, at the same time, I can guarantee he feels relieved more than anything!
    You should be looking at it this way- if that monster willingly let all of those poor animals suffer and die, what kind of abuse was she inflicting on her own child?
    My heart goes out to that little boy and to all of the lives lost at that hell hole.

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