Security Camera Catches L.A. County Health Inspector Magdy Tawadros Hugging/Groping Bakery Owner in Pomona, California

Security camera video dated March 24, 2010 shows L.A. County Health Inspector in alleged sexual assault — hugging, groping and kissing on the neck of a bakery owner in Pomona, California.

A Los Angeles County Department of Public Health inspector was suspended without pay after a surveillance videotape revealed an apparent sexual assault — including groping, holding hands, hugging and attempting to kiss the neck of a 45 year-old female bakery owner in the back of the business.

The sexual assault was reported to Pomona police on March 29, 2010. A police officer responded and reviewed the surveillance video. of the alleged sexual assault. The owner of the bakery contends that Tawadros used his position to intimidate her and tried repeatedly to hug her in a back room of her business last month.

An attorney for the bakery owner filed a civil complaint against the county on April 1, 2010 asking for up to $10 million in damages.

Magdy Tawadros was suspended this week by the Department of Public Health. Pomona police say they’re investigating, and that Tawadros hasn’t been arrested or charged.

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  1. I am not surprised at all with this sexual assualt. Obviously this inspector felt that he could get away with it because this corrupt organization has a culture that tolerates intimidation and abuse of hard-working business owners by corrupt health inspectors who often act with personal gain as a motive.

    This HIGHLY CORRUPT and shameless organization has been STELING a lot of money from farmers’ market vendors for years through fees that are both illegal and imoral. They have been also acting in other highly corrupt ways that endanger public health so that they could raise revenue!!!!

    I complained about all this in writting. What did they do? They attacked me with fraudulent criminal complaints!!!!


    The recent sexual assualt therefore does not surprise me at all. It is simply the natural progression of a highly corrupt organization

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