1. Looks like it’s time to “call out the dogs!” The dogs that chase geese away, that is. I saw it going on at Lake Opeka in Des Plaines where there’s a hefty goose population. There was a young woman with a border collie and the dog doesn’t hurt the geese, he just chases them away. This method of “shoo-ing” away geese has actually been okay’d by the Humane Society and is used many places where the goose population clashes with the human population. Would love to see it!

  2. Geese become very aggressive during the nesting season which is from mid March to early April. The female will begin laying eggs during that time. Female goose takes care of the nest. Male goose is usually in the area and no more than 20 yards off. You must be alert and aware when walking close to them. The male goose will attack you if it believes you are near to the nesting female. The attack of geese can come from any direction.

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