Dad’s Got a Strange Hobby

Dear Paul B,

I don’t know if I am wrong about this, but my husband of 14 years spends all his spare time on the computer. My kids tell me that they know its all porno and he always denies it. We hardly go out together, and he locks himself in his office after work and only comes out for meals or to watch sports. He doesn’t beat me or anything like that, and has always held down two jobs. I feel a bit ignored. Am I nuts?



Dear Carol,

I don’t know you, so I can’t tell you if you are nuts, but I can tell you that you have a right to be bloody mad! What kind of sick adult is this guy? Even though he doesn’t beat you, he should still take you out to a movie, dinner, or just a nice walk in the park now and then. To spend as much time watching porn tells me that he is one sick s.o.b. You need to confront him and to seek professional help if he can’t “lose the porn prob.” You are not alone in your shoes Carol, as I have received more than a few complaints from women AND men. I have even heard from a 70 year old man about his wife’s NEW HOBBY. I have viewed some of these sites, and they can be extremely addicting (so I hear.) Keep me posted, please.

Paul B.


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