Tiger Woods to Jaime Grubbs: “Take your name off your phone” (Voicemail Transcript)

AUDIO: Alleged Tiger Woods Voice Mail to Jaime Grubbs — a second affair coming forward? …

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Hey … it’s uh … it’s Tiger.
I need you to do me a huge favor.
Um. Can you please? … ahhh … take your name off your phone …
my wife went through my phone and … ah … may be calling you.
If you can, please take your name off that … and um … what do you call it …
just have it as a number on the voicemail.

Just have it as your telephone number, that’s it … OK?
You gotta do this for me. Huge. Quickly.
Alright. Bye.

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  1. Tiger Woods is worth millions, has a super hot model wife, 2 beautiful kids, and basically has everything and still cheats with other women! I call this being greedy!

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