Dallas-Fort Worth Area Beats Chicago for First Snowfall Between Two Metro Areas

There was little accumulation of snow on streets in Dallas, but an upper level disturbance caused light rain to turn to light snow over the North Texas area Wednesday morning. Temperatures on the ground weren’t below freezing, and snow at Dallas-Fort Woth International Airport was only trace. Dallas Love Field has one-quarter inch. Freezing temperatures are coming Thursday for Dallas, Texas.

Arlington, Texas received only a light dusting of slush.

Chicago, Illinois recorded an official Dec. 1 high temperature of 55°F at O’Hare — 15 degrees above normal and equaled or excelled only 12 times in the last 139 years. Lack of measurable snow in Chicago up to December 2, 2009 is rare — only 17 days of the last 139 in recorded history have failed to produce at least 0.1 inch of snow.

Be ready. Computer models are predicting significant snowfall for the Chicago area in the next couple of weeks. Chicago’s first chance for snow (less than 0.5 inch) is forecast about midnight tonight with a low around 29°F. Thursday’s high 34°F, and Friday’s high only 29°F.

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