Imus: Do You Like Obama or Not? Is Obama Phony? … or Lovable?

The words of Imus: Biting, but complimentary of Obama and the First Family.

Transcript excerpts of the words of Imus on Obama in a Sean Hannity interview on FOXNews September 7, 2009.

Based on his own experience with Obama, Imus thought, “he’s a hypocrite and a phony.”

Imus thinks its a good thing to put a black face in the oval office in the White House …

but …

Imus also recollected and fast forwarded: ‘Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into Jimmy Carter. But … which he has”

“It’s inexcusable that he’s appointed these people … these Goldman Sachs people … and these other people to orchestrate this whole phony stimulus thing that could very well ruin us … [this] country.”

“I think it’s business as usual.”

“He’s appointed too many questionable people.”

“He’s a lovely guy, but if you can’t give a speech without a teleprompter …”

“I think he means well, but I think he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Can we ask Imus? Can you be a lovely guy and a phony? The Cardinal’s guessing that the hypocrisy of Obama is his claim that there would be change, but it’s business as usual.

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