LA Fitness Near Pittsburgh: 4 Killed, 15 Wounded

A gunman, unrecognized by gym staff and carrying a duffel bag, walked to the back of the gym into an exercise class at about 8:15 p.m. at a health club in Bridgeville (suburban Pittsburgh) on Tuesday night, turned out the lights, and started firing bullets from a weapon. At least four people were killed, including the gunman himself. At least 15 others — all or mostly women — were injured.

The gunman has been positively identified as George Sodini, 48, of Scott Township, Pa. Sodini fumbled with the duffel bag for a minute or so. The light switch required that the button be depressed for 15 seconds before the lights would go out. About 70 to 100 people were in the gym at the time. People heard gunfire and dove off treadmills to hit the floor. He fired at least 36 shots. The gunman had four guns on him, but used only three. Sodini emptied the first gun. Twelve bullets were left in the second gun. He then shot himself with a third revolver.

At first it sound like a racquetball was hitting hard against the wall, according to a male member of the club. But with the light out, people could see flashes in the dark.

A woman who was hit in the thigh, kept saying she was going to die. Another woman was crying it is my ex-boyfriend “he’s going to kill me … he’s going to kill me!”

The identification of victims was delayed because many of the victims were in fitness attire and not carrying any identification. All three victims who died were women and have been identified as Heidi Overmier, 46, of Carnegie; Elizabeth Gannon, 49, of Pittsburgh; and Jody Billingsley, 38, of Mount Lebanon.

One woman was straddled by the gunman and shot in the shoulder.

The LA FITNESS gym is located at 1155 Washington Pike in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.

Collier Township Police, Bridgeville, Scott Township, Collier Township, Upper St. Clair and Mount Lebanon on the scene. Alleghany Command Post, Kurwan Heights Fire Department, MRTSA (Medical Rescue Team South Authority), and Mount Lebanon also on the scene.

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Gunman George Sodini Gunman Had Anger Toward Women.

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  1. There are sick people in this world! Now days you can’t even go anywere free minded because there can be some nut case with a gun or a bomb trying to kill himself and others!

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