Hong Kong Grain Ship ‘The Delight’ Hijacked While En Route to Iran

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TUE NOV 18 2008 0600 GMT — The Hong Kong cargo ship “The Delight” managed by Iran Shipping Lines with about 36,000 tons of wheat onboard was headed to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas when it was hijacked at about 0600 GMT Tuesday. The latest location of “The Delight” is reported to be near the port of Harardhere in northern Somalia (breakaway Puntland region) and about 265 miles from Eyl. The pirates are holding a 25-member crew with the grain cargo ship. The crew members on “The Delight” are from Iran, Pakistan, Indian, the Philippines and Guyana.

The International Maritime Bureau reports that Somali pirates have attacked 90 ships to date this year – over double the incidents in 2007. Pirates are still holding 16 ships and more than 250 sailors.

The Iranian Shipping Lines website reports that a service line from BANDAR ABBAS to the East and West cost of Africa began at the end of December (assuming 2007).

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