US Central Command: Drone Airstrike Outcome Indicates ISIS-K Planner Killed in Nangarhar Province Afghanistan

131 The U.S. military reported Saturday, August 28, 2021 that a drone strike was used to kill a member of the Islamic State group’s Afghanistan affiliate on Saturday. Biden authorized the drone strike, which was […]

13 US Service Members Killed: Suicide Bomb Explosion Near Kabul Airport, Two Explosions Reported in Kabul, Afghanistan

712 Pentagon briefing on explosions near Afghanistan’s Kabul airport on Thursday, August 26, 2021. YouTube Tips ⓘ Afghan news station 1TV News reports that a bomb exploded, and US official Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby […]

Two-Thousand People Evacuated from Afghanistan in Last 24 Hours; US Allies Alarmed by Taliban Takeover

72 Germany: Worst Catastrophe Since NATO’s Founding National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin gives the August 19, 2021 update on the evacuation of Americans and allies in Afghanistan on ‘America Reports.’ YouTube Tips ⓘ Billions of […]

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Automatic Weapon Gunfire from Drug Cartels at US-Mexico Border: “Not Iraq, Texas”

1,621 Captain, Intelligence and Counterterrorism Retired Division Texas Department of Public Safety Jaeson Jones joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ and describes gun battles with military hardware just south of the US-Mexico border YouTube Tips ⓘ Video […]

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Armenia and Azerbaijan Fight Over Disputed Territory in the Former Soviet Union — Nagorno–Karabakh

101 On September 27, 2020, serious clashes with Azerbaijan caused Armenia to declare martial law and mobilize near Nagorno-Karabakh as an ongoing dispute since 1988 over the territory of Nagorno–Karabakh escalated. On September 27, 2020 […]

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Modern Innovations in Military Technology: Drones, Cybersecurity, Hypersonic Missiles, EMP-Resistant Vehicles

234 Humvees with the Illinois National Guard at 1:13. Non-warfare assignment of the military in the homeland for the Coronavirus pandemic, might leads us to thinking about overall military capability and how military technology meets […]

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COVID-19 Cases in Military Quadruple in Less Than a Week; 24 Sailors on USS Theodore Roosevelt Test Positive for Coronavirus

234 Pentagon says at least 280 military members across the armed forces have tested positive for Coronavirus; Jennifer Griffin reports. On Tuesday, March 24, 2020, a report was released that three sailors aboard the deployed […]