Snow Removal in Downtown Arlington Heights: Public Works “Operation SNOGO”

Arlington Heights Public Works crews clear Evergreen Avenue and sidewalks nearby.

If you ever wander into downtown Arlington Heights after midnight and after a major snowstorm, you might be amazed to see the major snow removal operation that takes place while most people are sleeping.

One of the big surprises is SNOGO, which looks like a cousin to “Frank, The Combine” star of Pixar’s “Cars” movie.

Just like “Frank, The Combine” harvests the fields with high automation, Arlington Heights has it’s very own SNOGO that chews up piles of snow and shoots it into semi-size dump trucks.

The ten-minute video shows the snow removal operation on Evergreen Avenue on February 8, 2008 just after midnight.

SNOGO’s cousin “Frank, The Combine” from Pixar’s Cars.