John Barleycorn Open in Schaumburg

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An impressive new restaurant and bar  has opened in Schaumburg: John Barleycorn at the corner of National Parkway and American Way.

The spacious restaurant has a big bar at the left and a big dining area on the right. Go straight back and up the stairs or elevator and find a huge dance hall with a stage for live bands and a large DJ control center as well. The dance hall holds upwards of 900 people.

John Barelycorn has existing restaurants/bars at Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park West and Wrigleyville.

John Barleycorn’s largest restaurant/bar is in Schaumburg and features:
Weekend brunch
Creative salads
The Barleycorn Burger
Thin crust pizza
Loaded appetizers
Hearty sandwiches and savory entrees
Sweet & savory desserts
Homemade chilli and soups
Famous fish & chips
Extensive wine list
After work cocktails and daily drink specials
Late afternoon lunch
Live music
DJ music with light shows

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