Asian Giant Hornet trapped July 14, 2020 in Birch Bay, Washington

Washington State Department of Agriculture Announces First Trapped Asian Giant Hornet Since First Sighting in the Wild in December 2019

376 Washington Traps First Asian Giant Hornet – WSDA Virtual Press Conference (Friday July 31, 2020). The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) announced on Friday July 31, 2020 the first confirmed discovery of a […]

Unsolicited seeds from China delivered in mail -- internal clear plastic package
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Mysterious Seeds Might Be a Seller’s Brushing Scam to Increase Seller’s E-Commerce Status; USDA and State Agricultural Departments Aren’t Taking Any Chances

382 Agricultural Smuggling People in more than half of the states of the United States have reported receiving a suspicious package containing seeds in their mail boxes. The strange incidents are believed to be part […]

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Another Asian Giant Hornet in Washington State — Queen in Washington and British Columbia; Habitats May Be Ideal in Areas East of Mississippi River As Well

391 The discovery of a queen Asian Giant Hornet in northeast Bellingham, Washington marks the fourth Asian Giant Hornet discovered in Washington state and in the United States. The introduction of the Asian Giant Hornet […]

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First Official Asian Giant Hornet Discovery in the United States in Washington State — 4 Months After First Official Discovery in North America in British Columbia

1,793 Animal Planet: The Asian Giant Hornet is one of Japan’s deadliest killers — public enemy #1 for thousands of years. A recent increase in attacks has Evolutionary Biologist Armand Leroi, PhD very concerned (Animal […]