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Former “American Idol” Contestant Haley Reinhart Found Guilty After Striking Bouncer at Lamplighter in July 2017

211 Former “American Idol” contestant Haley Reinhart was found guilty of striking a bouncer during an altercation at a Palatine bar in Cook County Court in Rolling Meadows Monday February 26, 2018. Haley Reinhart took […]

Adam Sobanski, Aggravated Battery suspect that allegedly choked and beat friend of Haley Reinhart at Lamplighter Inn Tavern

Lamplighter Bar “Security” Man Charged with Felony Aggravated Battery After Beating, Choking Friend of Haley Reinhart

200 An employee of the Lamplighter Inn Tavern, who identified himself as “Security” after applying what appeared to be a “Carotid Restraint” maneuver on a man in the bar, has been charged by Palatine police […]

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Closed Streets for Wake at Lauterburg and Oehler on Northwest Highway, Arlington Heights; Gathering Mrs P & Me, Mt Prospect

57 Arlington Heights police closed the right lane of westbound Northwest Highway, closed Gregory Street between Prindle and Northwest Highway, and closed Forrest Avenue at the parking lot of Lauterburg and Oehler for the wake […]

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Theft at Dominick’s on Palatine Road

40 Dominick’s store security at Palatine Road and Arlington Heights Road reported to Arlington Heights police that they were following an offender who stole items from the store late Wednesday afternoon. The offender dropped items […]

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Crime Prevention

Front Door At Home Security Reminder

44 HOME SECURITY REMINDER The northwest suburbs have a large amount of workers that work in streets, parkways or yards of residential communities. These workers include meter readers, garbage haulers, cable television & Internet providers […]