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Cook County Forest Preserve Police Officer Resigns After Controversy Over His Response to Woman’s Request for Protection from Harasser

105 The Cook County Forest Preserve Police Officer, who was accused of inaction while a woman was harassed for wearing a shirt with the Puerto Rico flag, resigned Wednesday night. Cook County Forest Preserve Police […]

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Disaster Report

Hurricane Irma Kills 13 in Caribbean, Multitude of Buildings, Roads, Infrastructure Damaged and Flooded

46 Hurricane Irma has destroyed four buildings in St. Martin, one of the islands of the Caribbean Sea sustaining severe damage as the hurricane moves west. As forecast, Hurricane Irma hit northeast Caribbean islands, deluging […]

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Crimes Notebook

OPERATION GUARD SHACK: Over 100 Police Officers in Puerto Rico Arrested for Aiding Drug Traffickers

159 U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder: “Not one leak … not one disclosure.” during the course of a two year investigation. Operation Guard Shack was a two-year investigation into law enforcement corruption in Puerto Rico, […]