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European Hornets, More Common in Pennsylvania and Eastern United States, Exist in Illinois Too; Watch a Professional Remove an Infestation in Pennsylvania Home

3,555 VIDEO: A terrifying discovery behind the drywall in a bedroom at a home in Pennsylvania — 2-inch long European Hornets nesting in the wall, which is a scenario that is possible in Illinois. Hornet […]

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24/7 Fire Rescue!

2 Killed: Engine of Amtrak Palmetto Train Derails After Hitting Construction Equipment in Chester, Pennsylvania

36 Authorities say an Amtrak train struck a piece of railroad construction equipment just south of Philadelphia, and some injuries are being reported. Chester (PA) police and firefighters responded about 7:53 a.m. Sunday to a […]

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Fire Notebook

Profound Hypothermia May Have Permitted 101-Minute CPR to Succeed on Toddler Who Fell in Icy Creek in Pennsylvania

57 A Pennsylvania toddler, who had no signs of life for 101 minutes after being found in a creek, is now alive and recovering. Gardell Martin fell into an icy stream in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, and […]

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Heavy Fire, Collapse: 3-Alarm Commercial Structure Fire on Main St, Darby, Pennsylvania

37 VIDEO: Firefighting operations for a commercial structure used for multiple markets. INTRODUCING PUBLICSAFETYREPORTER.COM (BETA) — a new website by the same publisher as The Cardinal — PUBLICSAFETYREPORTER.COM focuses on major public safety incidents […]