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Could Quantum Computers Overcome the Encryption Keys that Police Use to Prevent Eavesdropping on Police Communications?

86 Motorola, the main supplier of encrypted radios for police departments has reported for years that it is impossible to break their 256-bit key Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) feature. Their claim is that encryption keys […]

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Former Apple CEO John Sculley Talks Apple and Competition on Eve of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference

48 As Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off, former CEO John Sculley discussed the future trends in technology and what advice he has for current CEO Tim Cook. NOTE: Apple introduced HomePod, an Amazon Echo […]

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24/7 Fire Rescue!

Motorola Fail: Public Safety Communications Company Neglects Records for Radio Tower Security in Schaumburg

69 Homeland Security? Schaumburg police responded about 9:10 a.m. Thursday to a security alarm on Martingale Road showing possible entry to a public safety emergency communications tower and facility for fire and police communications. Police […]