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Intercepted Islamic State Terror Weapons Lab Video Shows Body Heat Mannequin for Self-Driving Car — A SkyNews Exclusive

34 From a “Jihadi University” in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the scientists have stunned western weapons experts by producing a homemade thermal battery for surface-to-air missiles. A Jihadi University has spawned out of a […]

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Abdella Ahmad Tounisi, of Aurora (Chicago Suburb) Arrested on Terrorism Charge, Allegedly Heading to Syria

41 Abdella Ahmad Tounisi, 18, of Aurora, Illinois was arrested at O’Hare Airport Friday attempting to board a flight bound for Istanbul, Turkey. Tounisi, a U.S. citizen, was charged with one count of attempting to […]

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Three Terms Glenn Beck Discussed on the Glenn Beck Show Are #1, #6, #10 on Google Trends for February 3, 2011: Islamic Socialism, Caliphate, Code Pink

42 Islamic Socialism, Caliphate, and Code Pink (all highlighted in yellow) were discussed on the Glenn Beck show Wednesday. Caliphate Definition (#16) was also searched. Glenn Beck is proposing that recent incidents in Yemen, Egypt […]