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Check for Well-Being Call for Unknown Man Found on Front Porch Near Euclid Ave and Douglas Ave, Arlington Heights

Check for well-being call for an unknown man found on a front porch in Arlington Heights. Arlington Heights police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 8:32 PM Monday November 18, 2019 to a well-being check for man […]

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Owning A Car Won’t Make Sense By 2025? But Owning a Minivan or RV Over Homelessness Makes Sense for Some Now

LYFT CO-FOUNDER JOHN ZIMMER SAYS OWNING A CAR WON’T MAKE SENSE BY 2025. John Zimmer, Lyft co-founder, explains why the car-sharing company is not backing away from self-driving technology amid anticipation of growing demand. CARS […]

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Ask Paul B: NYPD Larry DePrimo’s Lesson; Maybe “Walking in Someone’s Shoes” Begins With Giving the Person Shoes

A snapshot by Jennifer Foster, showing New York City police officer Larry DePrimo giving new boots to a barefoot homeless man in Times Square one night, has created an online sensation. Officer Larry DePrimo gave […]

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Chicago Woman Sues Jewel Food Store and Attackers

Jennifer Hall, attacked on the sidewalk near Jewel on August 25, 2008, claims in a lawsuit that “homeless persons and others were known to loiter outside” and that Jewel was negligent when it, among other things, “improperly permitted homeless persons and others to loiter on said premises when they knew or should have known that such persons had a violent propensity,” and “that such persons posed a risk to persons lawfully on said premises.” […]