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Surveillance Video Catches Seasonal UPS Driver Stealing Apple iPad Delivered by FedEx at the Alverson House

VIDEO surveillance at the home of Al Alverson showing delivery of packages and theft of an Apple iPad gift for his daughter in Harris County, northwest of Houston, Texas. A surveillance video allegedly shows a […]

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Another Alleged Package Toss: Wrecks Cuckoo Clock in North Hollywood As USPS, FedEx, UPS Continue to Fail Customers

Impatient Postal Worker Throws Package over Fence: After a cuckoo clock was tossed over a fence in North Hollywood during a delivery by a USPS delivery man, the owner discovered the that the 1938 […]

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FedEx Facilities on Radioactive Alert: Box Arrived at Destination Missing 4 Sealed Containers of Germanium-68 (GE-68) Radioisotope

A FedEx package with radioactive GE-68 is reported missing on its trip from North Dakota to Tennessee, according to a report from WGN-TV. GE-68 is Germanium with the Atomic Weight of 68. DESCRIPTION OF INCIDENT: A PACKAGE CONTAINING SEALED GE-68 RADIOACTIVE […] […]