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Mike Zarnek Photo Catches Cardinal in Flight at River Trails Nature Center on Milwaukee Ave in Northbrook Near Prospect Heights

70 Mike Zarnek, of Mount Prospect, caught a photo of a cardinal in flight at River Trails Nature Center on Sunday April 14, 2019 during the late-season snow. Zarnek told the Daily Herald that the […]

Arlington High School Circle Drive

Christian Liberty Academy Purchased Former Arlington High School Building AND Property After District 214 Closed School

209 CHRISTIAN LIBERTY IS NOT A TENANT ON DISTRICT 214 PROPERTY Recently one of our favorite news sources (Daily Herald) appeared to have published an important fact with an error regarding the host of a […]

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The Owners of an Old Farmhouse with Livestock vs Upscale Neighbors with Luxury Homes and Built-in Swimming Pools at Willow Creek Drive and Route 47

88 The Chicago suburbs are an ever-expanding encroachment on farmland in northeast Illinois. Some of the richest soil in the world is in the ground of the Lake Michigan basin from the lake shore to […]